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Digital Oak is one of the leading digital marketing companies offering quality SEO and lead generation services. We are a cutting-edge digital marketing firm that uses data and seo best practices to generate traffic and leads straight to your business. We have years of experience helping businesses generate traffic and get more leads to build their business. The services we offer can be customized for your businesses needs and we offer our services to companies of all sizes. With years of experience, our staff can provide you with piece of mind as we live and breathe SEO and Lead Generation. Work with a digital marketing firm that is worthy of your hard-earned money rather than merely investing in any agency. Select Digital Oak as your go-to digital marketing agency to boost your company’s online visibility, leads & ultimately sales.

Hassle-Free Digital Marketing Services

For the purpose of delivering campaigns that produce results, we combine marketing expertise with cutting-edge digital strategy and know-how. Digital Oak offers the greatest services since it has the most creative minds in digital marketing all under one roof. To avoid wasting your hard-earned money, we won’t test-run your digital marketing initiatives. Our aggressive, results-driven digital marketing strategies have been providing fantastic results for our clients for many years. Any type of business can use our digital marketing tactics to fulfill their demands and accomplish their goals both locally and globally. While serving as their capable off-shore digital marketing department, we offer our clients a hassle-free experience.

What is the process of an acorn becoming a mighty oak?

 Measurable Success

We believe measurable success for your business is created when experience, expertise and passion come strategically, and purposefully together. We started off as a family-owned and operated business, that has continued to grow into a top-level agency of professionals that are committed to delivering measurable success through quality work and competitive prices bringing real results.  It’s time to grow your business by putting your website in front of real buyers.

Meet The Team

Matt Heden

Co-Founder | SEO Manager

Hi, I’m Matt – Co-founder and SEO Manager of Digital Oak. Throughout my life, two themes have been constant: my desire to excel and my passion to serve others. What that really means is: I hate losing, and I like to help people. Digital Marketing has given me a place where I can do both of those things. In 2020, we saw a dynamic shift in the way business was done. Over the last 8 years, I had been involved in planning, preparing and implementing various digital strategies and elements for a non-profit – but with everything going strictly online – it was time to make a shift. I continue to work for the non-profit (serving others is what I love), but wanted to bring my expertise, experience and passion to help others succeed in the digital world. I believe SEO is the main arena for competition in sales today, and I’m committed to helping you and your business succeed by getting you in front of quality customers in the most important market of them all – online.

Micah Jones

Co-Founder | Digital Strategies Professional
“Oak tree’s remind us that great things start with very small beginnings, don’t despise the days of small beginnings” 

Micah is co-founder of Digital Oak,  a storyteller that is passionate about helping people make better decisions. A guy who loves to ask questions, who’s motivated by problems, encouraged by opposition, fascinated by people, and inspired by transformation.  A loving husband to Yareny and a father to Janaya, Ezra, and Zienna.  He is hyper-focused on helping YOU become the Oak of your industry by taking tiny acorn steps.

Why Us?

We are an experienced and passionate team that is dedicated to the success of our clients. We truly are about helping others succeed. So with us – we don’t do long term contracts, and there’s never a hidden fee.

We believe that we have to earn your work and your trust. We offer only Month to Month contracts, No additional fees, and measurable results in 30-60 days.

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